8 Small Space Organization Hacks

8 Small Space Organization Hacks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Kristen McGowan via Youtube


Have you accumulated a lot of items and need some extra storage for your things? Here are 8 small space organization hacks for you! These are awesome tips by Kristen McGowan that will make a big difference to your closet, wardrobe, or cabinets. I was so happy when I learned about these tricks as they are very helpful. Try these if you have limited space and need room for the new items you bought.



1 – Extra closet room

Remove all your summer shoes to make room for your fall and winter essentials. You can store them underneath your bed using the under-bed shoe organizer.

2 – Bed lifts

If you can’t slide items underneath your bed or looking to add some extra height, so you can fit luggage underneath, use a wood bed lifter. This slide right underneath the feet.

8 Small Space Organization Hacks Tips
Image by Kristen McGowan via Youtube

3 – Drawer organizer

Remove everything from the drawer and put sliding drawer organizers that have two levels. You can use this for your junk drawer, makeup storage, desk storage, or even cutlery.


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4 – Shelf hooks

Maximize space in your closet by sliding storage hooks under your shelf. You can use this to hang extra items and accessories, like caps and bags.

8 Small Space Organization Hacks Tricks
Image by Kristen McGowan via Youtube

5 – Scrunchable laundry tote

This completely opens up to be a full-size laundry tote, but it also flattens completely as well.

6 – Revolving organizer or pod drawer

Use this organizer to store kitchen products easily, like coffee pods or tea bags.

7 – Cabinet organizer

Use an angled bin to store your items in your cabinet. This holds the same amount as a large bin, but the angle side allows you to see and access everything.

8 – Plate organizer

This neatly puts away all your plates and allows you to keep the space very tidy. You can also use it for cutting borders, pans, makeup palettes, or books.


8 Small Space Organization Hacks

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