30 DIY Christmas Decor Items To Make

30 DIY Christmas Decor Items To Make | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was blown away at what she does with plastic soda bottles and the picture above is just one example of the insanely clever things she does in her tutorial attached below.

Watch how Stephania makes some of the most incredible DIY Christmas decorations in her step by step tutorial. I was amazed at all of her brilliant ideas!


I’m not sure why Stephania classifies these DIY projects “for teenagers” because these projects are for everyone and they’re actually some of my favorites that I’ve seen by far!

I wanted to do all 30 of these cool projects…I love all of them so much! The little cork reindeers are adorable and can you get any easier? All of her ideas are incredibly easy!

I’m gonna end up with a Christmas tree in every room of my house, with all of the awesome Christmas tree ideas this year! I love how she makes the simple tree to hang on the wall. I thought it was so clever the way she gathers different size tree branches, stacks them into the shape of a tree, attaches them all with string, hangs it on the wall and adds lights and ornaments! Super easy!

Watch all of these brilliant Christmas decor projects Stephania does in her step by step tutorial. You’ll have trouble deciding which one to do first!

30 DIY Christmas Decor Items

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