12 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People That Work

12 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People That Work | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Emily Norris via Youtube


Do you hate cleaning? With these hacks from Emily Norris on Youtube, cleaning will never be the same again. From cleaning showers effectively to coverless duvets, there are a lot of tips and hacks you can actually incorporate into your cleaning habits, especially if you’re not a fan of cleaning. Watch the video below to learn these.


#1 Makeup Brushes

The best way to clean beauty blenders and makeup brushes is to soak them in warm water, then add some dishwashing soap and olive oil. (Add them in equal parts.) Rinse it all out after some time and you’ll be amazed at how clean they actually come out.

How to clean your makeup brushes and beauty blenders the easy way
Image credits: Emily Norris via Youtube

#2 Bin Odor Hack

To make your trash bins odor-free, use duck fresh discs. Just add one of these to the lid and every time you use the bin, you’ll get a nicer smell.

#3 Shower Cleaner

Fill up a Dishmatic with your favorite bathroom cleaner, and keep this in the bathroom or in the shower. Next time you see dirt while showering, you can just grab this and clean it.

#4 Bin Umbrella

Shake out the garbage bag, turn it upside down, straighten it up, then put it straight to the bottom of the bin.

#5 Eye Test

This next one is a hack professional cleaners use. They say not to just look at a surface from the top, but instead to get down on the same level of the surface. You can see so much more dirt this way.

#6 Washing Hats

If you want to wash your hats or baseball caps without their shape losing, you can use a cap cage. Just put the cap in it and stick it into the washing machine.


#7 Shoe Covers

If you ever go out and forgot something, just put on these shoe covers and run back upstairs or inside the house.

#8 Cleaning The Air Fryer

Put some dishwashing soap in and warm water as well, then just turn on the air fryer. This method really does help to get all the stubborn dirt to come off.

#9 Robot Vacuum

The ultimate cleaning hack is to get yourself a vacuum that will run around.

#10 Motivation

It’s important to get inspired cleaning. You can watch your favorite cleaning videos to help you get motivated.

#11 Scrub Daddy

You can actually put cold water onto it and it makes it really hard. If you put hot water onto it, it makes it really nice and soft. You can use this for so many different things.

#12 Duvet

Using coverless duvets or comforters will make your life so much easier. This will also look really clean and sleek on the bed always.

Coverless duvets will make your cleaning life so much easier
Image credits: Emily Norris via Youtube

12 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People That Work

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