11 Productivity Tips for Quilters

11 Productivity Tips for Quilters | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: A Quilting Life via YouTube


Are you new to quilting? I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up some good stuff in this list from A Quilting Life that you can incorporate into your quilting habits as early as now. They’re quite effective and even seasoned quilters can benefit from some of these.


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Check the following quilting productivity tips by watching the video below. Share them with your friends or family as well! Thanks to A Quilting Life for these tips!

#1 Brainstorm

Scroll some magazines or look through Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration or ideas for your quilt.

Brainstorming for your next quilt by browsing some magazines
Image credits: A Quilting Life via YouTube

#2 Sort Work in Progress

Sort and organize your WIPs or works in progress. This may spark that interest in finishing older projects.

#3 Regular Planning

By regular planning, you’ll be able to track the projects you already finished or projects that need to get done.

#4 Make Lists

Make a bucket list of projects that you want to start someday.

#5 Set a Realistic Time Frame

When planning how much time something is going to take you, add 30%. This will give you enough time to finish a quilt without rushing things.

#6 Menu Planning

If you know what you’re going to eat that day, you’ll have more time quilting. That’s why it’s recommended to make a weekly meal plan.

#7 Quick Clean Ups

Doing quick clean-ups around your quilting room can help you remember things you might already forget.

#8 Cut Out Multiple Projects At Once

If you have ideas for small projects, cut them out and prepare them all at one time. This will help you increase your productivity.

#9 Ready To Sew

By “ready to sew”, try to leave something ready to sew the next time you come into your quilting room. It can be some strip piecing, binding, or some half-square triangles.

#10 Ready To Take

Have a ready-to-take project if you’re going on a road trip, a ball game, or visiting a family. Ready-to-take project is a mini project that has mini charm squares and some templates. Throw this in your bag, so you’ll have something to do if you have spare time.

Having a ready to take quilt project whenever you go out on a road trip
Image credits: A Quilting Life via YouTube

11 Productivity Tips for Quilters

11 Productivity Tips for Quilters

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