9 Quilting Techniques You Might Not Know About

9 Quilting Techniques You Might Not Know About | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Hailey Stitches via Youtube


Are you new to quilting? Check out these tips from Hailey Stitches on Youtube! The following tips will surely help in your quilting journey, making things easier for you in some areas. Even seasoned quilters will surely pick one or two from these that they can incorporate into their routine! Watch the video below to learn the following. 


#1 Fabric Storage

Store your fabric yardage with comic book boards, then place them vertically on plastic buckets or any containers you have.

Using comic board in storing fabric yardage
Image credits: Hailey Stitches via Youtube

#2 Steam Ironing

When steam ironing, instead of putting water directly into your iron, just use a spray bottle and spray the water onto the fabric before pressing.

#3 DIY Non-Slip Rulers

If your rulers tend to slip, invest in non-slip grips. Just peel and stick the grip on the back of your ruler.

#4 Thread Hack

If you ever find trouble finding the end of your thread, pull the bottom of the spool completely off, and you’ll see the end of the thread just right there.


#5 Chain Piecing

Piece your quilt pieces, and once you get to the end, don’t cut the thread yet. Instead, feed the next pieces through. This will give you one long chain of a bunch of pieces for your quilt.

#6 Bulk Cutting Half-Square Triangles

If you’re piecing together half-square triangles two at a time, you have to cut them in half. For this, line them all up on a line on your cutting mat, then cut all of them at the same time.

#7 DIY Bloc-Loc Ruler

All you need for this is a square ruler and masking tape. Now, line up your masking tape on the diagonal line of your ruler, stacking two to three strips of masking tape. Trim off the excess tape, and this will fit your half-square triangle perfectly.

#8 Nesting Seams

Press one row to the right and the row below to the left. This will help your seams fit together for them to line up perfectly.

#9 Snowball Technique

Line up the smaller square with the larger square and draw a diagonal line. Now, to reduce fabric waste, create a secondary half-square triangle with the waist. Line up your ruler with the first line you drew, then draw another line a half inch away. Stitch on both of these lines, then trim a quarter of an inch from either line.

Snowballing the quilt piece
Image credits: Hailey Stitches via Youtube

9 Quilting Techniques You Might Not Know About

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