10 Game Changing Sewing Tips

10 Game Changing Sewing Tips | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

On the lookout for new sewing tips, especially for sewing seams? Look no further. These ten tips will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that.” I came across this game-changing video by The Last Stitch with ten genius sewing hacks that you just have to try. Seams can be tricky, but by implementing some of these hacks, you can get through seams in a jiff. You won’t ever want to go back to your old ways of seeing after trying out these amazing hacks. 


Here are a few of the tips that The Last Stitch offers in her video. Watch the full YouTube video down below to see all the hacks.

Tip One

Use an awl for marking darts and pleats

Tip Two

Paper press templates for sewing jeans back pockets

Tip Three

Use a Lego as a seam guide. Simply stick it to your sewing machine and it will keep the fabric feeding straight. 

Tip Four

Use a quilt ruler as a hemming guide when creating wide seams.

Quilting Foot For Alterations - Sewing Hacks

Image by. The Last Stitch via YouTube video tutorial. 

Tip Five

Feed fabric into your sewing machine with an awl to keep your fabric flat. 

Tip Six

If you can’t find the right color for your topstitch, try using two strands of thread in one needle. You can even run them on separate bobbins.

Double Thread Top Thread - Sewing Hacks

Image by. The Last Stitch via YouTube video tutorial. 

Check out the YouTube video from The Last Stitch down below for the rest of the sewing tips.

10 Unique Way Changing Sewing Tips

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