10 Dollar Tree Hacks That Actually Work

10 Dollar Tree Hacks That Actually Work | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Do It On A Dime via YouTube


If you love shopping in Dollar Tree and picking up some stuff, check out these hacks from Do It On A Dime. These are brilliant, and never in a million years will I be able to come up with. From folding clothes like a boss to making a pouch for jewelry when traveling, the following tips and hacks will surely blow your mind.


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Curious now? Watch the video below to learn the following hacks and know what to pick up the next time you visit Dollar Tree.

#1 Sink Mats

Take six Dollar Tree sink mats, and connect them in two rows of four to make a folding board. Leave the sides of the bottom half unconnected so you’ll be able to fold your clothes.

Make a folding board using some Dollar Tree chop mats
Image credits: Do It On A Dime via YouTube

#2 Space Saver Bags

Take some space-saver bags from Dollar Tree and use them to store up your pillows and clothes that are out of season.

#3 Bins & Containers

Buy some stacking bins on your next Dollar Tree visit. Add a little hot glue between the bins to secure them in place, then once dry, use them to store some items and keep them organized.

#4 Clip Lock Closure Storage Containers

Organize snacks or other kitchen essentials with these super easy-to-store containers. They come in different sizes that will make storing more easier.

#5 Chop Mats

Make crafting more fun with a DIY crafting mat using Dollar Tree chop mats. You can also use them as fridge liners!

#6 Book Bins

Store your kid’s books and learning materials with book bins from Dollar Store. You can label them with a chalk marker, making storing them easier and efficient.

#7 Handheld Bins

Take some Dollar Tree handheld bins, a tension rod, and a pack of shower curtain rings. Place the tension rod in the bathtub area of your bathroom, then hang the bins using the shower curtain rings. Use this to store your kid’s bath essentials and toys.

#8 Mini Push Lights

Light any dark spaces and nooks in your home easily with these easy push lights from Dollar Tree.

#9 Silverware Drawer Organizers

Use this in your bathroom to organize dental essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

#10 Pot Holder

Grab a pot holder from Dollar Tree and a plastic bag. Sew the plastic bag right down the middle and you’ll have a mini organizer for all your jewelry when traveling.

Make a travel pouch for your jewelry using Dollar Tree pot holder and plastic bags
Image credits: Do It On A Dime via YouTube

10 Dollar Tree Hacks That Actually Work

10 Dollar Tree Hacks That Actually Work

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