10 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

10 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube


Even if you’re lazy, I know you also don’t like a dirty and messy house – especially if you love entertaining guests. But sometimes, time won’t allow, or you just don’t have the will to clean. Fortunately, these ten cleaning hacks from OrgaNatic on Youtube are for lazy people! These solutions will keep your house tidy if you’re unmotivated to clean. Watch the video below to learn these.


#1 Two birds – one stone

If you have a bunch of chores around the house but are unmotivated to do them – do two things at the same time. One should be enjoyable like watching your favorite TV show, and another is doing something you don’t feel like doing.

Watching a TV show while doing the dishes
Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube

#2 Clean shower hack

There’s a trick to keeping your shower door clean even after taking multiple showers. All you need is a basic dishwasher rinse aid and a soft cloth. Apply it evenly to the door and rub it with a cloth. Of course, it needs to be re-applied every now and then but that’s a more effortless solution to keep your bathroom spotless.

#3 Clean floor in seconds

Vacuuming can be quite tiring as dragging it from one room to another, plugging in and out, is another chore itself. Luckily, cordless vacuum cleaners are an option. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to vacuum when you know it’s hassle-free.

#4 Within reach

When arranging things, keep cleaning items that are meant for the bathroom in the bathroom and kitchen cleaning items in kitchen. Chances are you’re going to use it more frequently. Knowing that it’s easily accessible can motivate you to just use it.

#5 Closed storage

Choosing cabinets over shelves save time. First, you don’t have to worry about arranging things inside them because they’re not on a display. Second, all the content of the cabinets is safe from dust.


#6 “Right” soap hack

For the lazy ones, use liquid soap instead of bar soap. Bar soap turns soft when wet causing it to leave soap scum in the soap dish. Avoid this mess and use its liquid alternative.

#7 Grab an item on a way

Whenever you go to another room, grab something that belongs there and take it there with you, then just put it in its place. No need to find a specific time for returning things back to their spots.

#8 Cleaning helpers

Use a plate cover to prevent splatter from dirtying your microwave or when frying, use a splatter screen for the frying pan. It’s easier to clean grease off a splatter screen than off kitchen cabinets. When using a hand mixer, you can also use a splatter guard.

#9 Dishwasher – not just for dishes

The “all-purpose” dishwasher can also handle things like baseball caps, toys, rubber rain boots, crocs, and even potatoes and carrots. (Potatoes and carrots should be washed without detergent.)

#10 Toilet brush hack

Pour some detergent into a toilet brush holder, and after daily use, it will automatically clean.

Putting a liquid detergent to the toilet brush holder
Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube

10 Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

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