She Takes 16 Mini Mason Jars and Makes The Coolest Kitchen Item I’ve Ever Seen. Watch!

She Takes 16 Mini Mason Jars and Makes The Coolest Kitchen Item I’ve Ever Seen. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

It never would have occurred to me to use these small Mason Jars to organize this way! This sure beats the heck out of what I’ve been doing forever! I did this and just love having such easy access to these and they are easier to see too! My friend Stephanie hates Mason Jar crafts and even she likes this one


I have had a multitude of spice jars on a rack that hangs on the door to my pantry for as long as I can remember and just recently I started getting frustrated at them falling off when I close the door. This DIY project will certainly solve this problem and I’m always looking for new ways to get organized to make my life easier. This does just that!

From bathroom storage to lamp lighting and this is one of the best Mason Jar crafts to make using canning jars.  They’re easy to get your hands on and that’s the whole purpose for doing this type of DIY.

You can buy a set of 12 of these little jars on Amazon for $10.97…less than $1 per jar! Walmart might even have them cheaper! Buy bulk spices and save money, too!

Is your spice drawer a wreck? Follow along as The Daily DIYer shows you how to create a mason jar spice organizer that will leave you smiling every time you are in the kitchen.  This easy project is perfect for those that want to get their kitchen organized.

Watch their step by step tutorial and bring some order to your life!




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