She Paints Wooden Crates And What She Does After They Dry Is So Useful!

She Paints Wooden Crates And What She Does After They Dry Is So Useful! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Here we are with another DIY solution that you will love. This is a project that is definitely easy on the budget.

Wooden crates are so commonplace that we rarely give them a second glance, but did you know that they are a key ingredient in a whole bunch of awesome DIY projects? That’s right; these super-cheap wooden boxes can be crafted into everything from a coffee table to a doggie bed, all using simple tools that you probably already have at home.


Wooden crate furniture is especially useful for families with young children. When your kids are growing up, you end up changing bedroom and playroom furniture every other year. During this time, it’s a great idea to fill your home with furniture that can easily be transported and changed at a moment’s notice.

Young families are the only ones who will get something from these projects. Many of these would fit well inside a college dorm room or any house looking to switch up their decor for a more rustic, storage friendly option.

The benefit of building a bookshelf out of crates is two fold – first, you have a cheap but attractive piece of furniture, and secondly, you are free to choose any shelving layout you want.

Wooden crate bookshelves are so simple to make and at the same time they serve a great function. So, watch how Kaitlin does her crate bookshelves in this step by step tutorial and you may discover that you’ve got a hankering for one of these in your home!

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