Watch: Husband’s Funny Reaction to Hobby Lobby Hoard!

Watch: Husband’s Funny Reaction to Hobby Lobby Hoard! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Kristina Bennett via TikTok


If you love crafting or DIY projects, then you’re guilty of visiting Hobby Lobby every now and then because they’ve got all of the cutest and most inexpensive supplies that you can find. Now that the Fall season is coming with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year following behind it, it seems that you will visit the store more often than before.


Sometimes, we don’t notice how much we’ve purchased until we’re at the counter or back home, and it doesn’t really matter because they’re all worth it! But, we don’t always have the same thoughts as our family members or more specifically, our husbands. Just like this funny video shared by Kristina Bennett on TikTok. It seems that her husband didn’t find the situation as exciting as she did and he might’ve also seen this happening before! Watch the video below and see his reaction.

It’s evident that Kristina is very fond of decorating and DIY projects, and she might’ve been overwhelmed by all the cute stuff she found in the store that she didn’t notice how many items she added to her cart until they were packed in bags. To be honest, this could easily happen to me, too, because there’s just no way I would leave Hobby Lobby without buying an item or two. You should check out her other videos to see everything she purchased and how she used them to decorate her house.

Her husband’s surprised reaction was really funny to watch and relatable, too. The husband was also game and understood the assignment when he playfully opened the door and brought his hands to his face to show his apparent disbelief when he saw all of the bags in the car. This is now one of my favorite TikTok videos of all time and I think hundreds of other users think so as well based on the love that it received online!

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