He Creates A Charming Farmhouse Addition With A Wire Basket And A Book. Watch!

He Creates A Charming Farmhouse Addition With A Wire Basket And A Book. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas
If you love rustic decor and you want to make DIY projects this post is right for you. If you make this DIY rustic piece for your home you’re off to a good start at adding something full of rustic charm!
If you want to add a little warmth and coziness in your home then you need to add some rustic decor. Rustic decor is always a great choice when you want to get a warm and cozy feeling.

There are several types of rustic decor, however you can mix all of these styles and traditions in your home and the result will be an invaluable refuge that you will not want to leave.


You can use motifs and materials with the wooden pieces of furniture that will bring a rustic feel to the space.

You can use traditional rustic decor, made out of natural wood, stone and almost everything is rough and without additional treatments.
All the interiors with rustic decor, have that vintage look that add charm and a romantic feeling.
When I saw the tutorial for this lampshade I was looking around at others on Pinterest and noticed these are for sale at a couple of stores online. I was really surprised because I’d never seen one of these before! I didn’t see what the stores are charging, but I guarantee you it’s a lot more than it will be if you DIY this project.
Watch how TexasMagnoliaHome makes this awesome lampshade in his step by step tutorial and get busy making one for your home!

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