She Spray Paints Thrift Store Items And Makes An Unbelievable But Practical Item You Need…

She Spray Paints Thrift Store Items And Makes An Unbelievable But Practical Item You Need… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

With a little bit of elbow grease something new is reborn, but what this gal does surprised me!


She and her Mother went thrifting and she ran across something she immediately got a vision for. She talked to guy, who worked there, into leaving the part of it she didn’t need at the store.

This is a brilliant idea for a desk! She ditched the ugly old surface and purchased the legs, since they had the look she was going for. Then she primed and spray painted the legs gold. She bought a top for it at Ikea and voila! She had an awesome new desk with a great modern appeal.

I’m not so sure that I would recognize a great desk possibility by looking at the legs of a used one, but now I will be looking, after seeing this gal’s tutorial! Apparently trestle legs are what these are called.

That’s what so great about watching these DIY project videos. I usually learn something very valuable that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen them.

I really needed a desk and I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on one. I saw this video and wanted to copy what she did, but I used reclaimed wood for the desk part. Now, I am not a finish carpenter – I’m not even a rough carpenter. So things had to be pretty desperate for me to decide I was going to make a desk for my home office. What I found was that it was a DIY project that I could accomplish fairly easily with reclaimed, inexpensive materials, and basic tools. The best part of the whole project, though, is the finished product: a cool, rustic-wood-meets-industrial-metal desk with simple styling.

Watch how Mary Elizabeth cleverly revamps this desk in her step by step tutorial!


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