Turn Lightbulbs and Twine Into These Rustic Pears

Turn Lightbulbs and Twine Into These Rustic Pears | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is a really clever DIY project for recycling! I was excited that you could do something so simple to give your home a great looking rustic touch. I’m always asking myself “who thinks these great things up?”


We’ve had to replace a bunch of burnt out lightbulbs recently, and I hated the thought of throwing them away, so I decided to reuse them instead.

It’s amazing what you can do with lightbulbs when they burn out. I recycled these lightbulbs by adding some twine and made cute little twine wrapped pears; perfect home decor!

I think it’s pretty cool that by simply wrapping a light bulb in twine could look so much like pears. I made some of these and put them in a weathered wooden bowl on my coffee table and love the way they look in my home with farmhouse decor.

Now that we’ve switched to those energy saving/flourescent bulbs, I had been saving up some old burned out bulbs for some clever DIY project that I knew would come along.  Call me a “pack rat”, but it paid off! I may have to go buy more old bulbs so I can make a few more of these.

Watch how this gal makes these in her easy step by step tutorial so you can get started making some home decor accents for your home!

PHOTO CREDIT: Redesign Report

DIY Pears Made From Lightbulbs and Twine





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