Turn Old Pants Into Woven Carpet

Turn Old Pants Into Woven Carpet | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Master Hands Via Youtube


While clearing out some old clothes, I started thinking about how nice and sturdy the fabric from my husband’s old work pants were. So, I began trying to think of an interesting way I could repurpose the old pants into something useful. I went searching on the internet and found this beautiful woven rug idea from Master Hands on Youtube and knew this would work great for all the old carpenters’ pants. The instructions looked so easy, I pulled out the sewing machine and started my woven rug project immediately.



  • Jeans
  • Khakis
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors (or a rotary cutter)


In this awesome video tutorial, you will be guided step by step to make this woven rug project from start to finish. You will first, cut your old pants into long strips, then fold, iron, and sew the strips according to directions in the tutorial by Master Hands.

Jeans and khaki pants woven rug

After you get all the finished fabric strips in one even line, you will begin weaving the strips with separate strip pieces laced in horizontally. You can decorate the edges with lace or cord trim to give this rug a professionally finished look, or you could even do a binding as you would a quilt.

How to cut jeans and make a woven rug

This woven rug is fabulous, I’m so glad I found it on Youtube! I plan on putting this woven rug on the patio to complete my boho decorating theme.

Turn Old Pants Into Woven Carpet

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