If You Want To Be Comfortable This Summer, This Is The Way To Go (Great For Beginners!)

If You Want To Be Comfortable This Summer, This Is The Way To Go (Great For Beginners!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is one of those items in your closet that you can just throw on and go. T-Shirts are my favorite item of clothing. They have evolved from being the casual undershirt to a piece you can dress up. They keep your wardrobe playful.


This dress is perfect for when you want to be comfy, yet fashionable. Perfect for those summer outings, like outdoor festivals or taking your kids to the playground. It is very versatile and the possibilities of customization are endless!

About a year ago one of my friends sent me an image of a mom in the hospital, wearing a super slouchy t-shirt dress. She was close to expecting baby #2 and asked if I knew where she could find a similar one. I told her about all the great t-shirt dress tutorials available and that it would be my gift to her. She was thrilled!

Anyway, I’ve kept this slouchy tee dress in the back of my mind for all this time, and decided, a few weeks ago, that I should make myself one for my impending hospital stay. It’s perfectly slouchy, soft and basically feels like pajamas but makes you look a little more pulled together.

There’s so many great reasons to make these t-shirt dresses and the main one being that it is comfy and cool! I’ve made a few of these and absolutely love them. I can throw on a lightweight scarf for a pop of color, if I want to go out to the movies, or wherever, or add some great chunky jewelry at other times. And, other times, I just wear it plain!

Watch how Pretty Crafty Girl makes this fun dress in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one too!


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