A Brilliant New Way Of Using Trash Cans Most Of Us Would Have Never Thought Of (Watch!)

A Brilliant New Way Of Using Trash Cans Most Of Us Would Have Never Thought Of (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I must say that I was rather surprised when I saw what she made with a trash can! What will people think of next?


During these dog days of summer, there’s nothing better than finding a minute between projects and summer fun to put your feet up. And what better to recline on than an ottoman you built yourself? But would you have ever dreamed of using a trash can in a project like this? I have seen people use those vintage wash tubs and old wooden boxes to make these ottomans , but never a trash can!

She starts out by spray painting her trash can. She bought the wooden cylinder, for the table top, at Lowe’s for $4. She measured the center point  and the dimensions for four rows and started marking the location, on the wood, where she wanted to place the buttons (she shows you in the tutorial how she figured out the measurements for the placement of the buttons).

The next thing she does is use her power drill to put the holes in the wood, where she wants to attach the buttons. She traces the foam she is going to put on top of the wood and cuts out two pieces. Then she glues those together with spray adhesive, then attaches them to the wood with the adhesive. Next, she uses a long embroidery needle to go through the holes, in the back of the wood, and through the foam to mark where she will be placing her buttons. I’m going to let you watch the rest of this project in the tutorial below, so you can see how she does this.

Treshaja shows you how to do this project in her step by step tutorial, so make sure to check it out!


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