The Best Way to Sharpen and Clean Knives

The Best Way to Sharpen and Clean Knives | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Don’t you know that dull knives can be dangerous in the kitchen? You should also be aware that rubbing two together to sharpen each one doesn’t work. Learn the best way to sharpen and clean knives with this video tutorial by Epicurious.



Keep on reading to learn the effective and proper ways to only have the sharpest tools in your kitchen.


Sharpening with a water stone

The water stone is the easiest to maintain. All you need is cool water. Soak the stone in a bowl of water for 30 minutes. You will see some bubbles when you soak it which means it is absorbing some water. Soaking the stone keeps the knife cool and lubricated when sharpening. When you stop seeing lots of bubbles, it’s ready for use.  Start with a rougher grit as this will give the blade shape while the higher grit will give a nice sharp edge. Put the warm stone in a wet towel to prevent it from sliding. If you have a guide that slides to a knife, you can use them. Start by adding more water to the warm stone at an angle. Use your right hand and fingers to push down with three or four pounds of pressure. Start at the tip and push the knife away from you. Turn it over and pull the knife towards you. Once you feel it getting sharp, turn it over and go to the finer grit.

The Best Way to Sharpen and Clean Knives Wet Stone
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Honing the edge

The honing steel is not a knife sharpener, it’s for honing. It takes the blade and keeps your blade tuned up between sharpening. Start with the same angle you sharpen it then run it over and down, over and down.

Sharpening with a manual sharpener

Hold it straight up and down then drag it across. Don’t use it with good knives as it shaves the metal down.

Electric sharpener

This sharpener heat treats the knife to keep them not only flexible but also to hold their edge well. Turn it on and start at the bottom and pull it through. Once it goes down too low, run it through the honer.

Ceramic plate

This is not used to sharpen knives but instead for honing them. Look for the unglazed portion of the plate and start sharpening your knife.

The Best Way to Sharpen and Clean Knives Ceramic Plate
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Cleaning knives

Do not put the knives in a dishwasher. Never put a knife in a sink. Knives are always cleaned by hand. Warm soap water, get a sponge and put in the water. Get the knife and hold it away from you. Don’t run over the blade. Dry your knives as soon as you wash them.


The Best Way to Sharpen and Clean Knives

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