10 Crafts Made From Things Normally Thrown Away

10 Crafts Made From Things Normally Thrown Away | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

No one likes to throw things away, so why not turn those things into art? I went searching on Youtube to find a video that had a few different ideas that could help me figure out how to recycle more things that are normally thrown away. I found this amazing video by HGTV Handmade and there were so many awesome ideas I couldn’t wait to share these ideas. Ideas such as making a beautiful phone holder out of an empty toilet paper roll that is covered on decorative Washi Tape. There is also a lazy susan idea that involves using several empty toilet paper rolls and fastening them all together with your trusty hot glue gun and putting them on the lazy susan that you paint in a matching color and using it for craft pencils and pens, now that is clever!


There are such great ideas in this video such as recycling your old paper and making an art project. The way to make it is super simple and you will be guided step by step to make a paper slushie with ordinary Rit Dye and pressed onto a screen, and let dry on a towel then you can frame the beautiful handmade paper. 

Make wall art from recycled paper

Also, there is this totally cool idea to use your trusty hot glue gun to attach corks together, then surround with decorative ribbon to make coasters. I started thinking if you made them a bit bigger they would make perfect trivets.

Make coasters from recycled cork and ribbon

Every one of these projects is an absolute gem, I’m so glad I found this video.

Make Crafts Out Of 10 Things That Would Have Been Thrown Away

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