Make This Step Ladder Quilt With Stacks Of Different Size Strips

Make This Step Ladder Quilt With Stacks Of Different Size Strips | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I hadn’t ever seen this this pattern before and I think it’s so interesting!

She bought jelly roll sets to make this quilt. She loves those because you get an instant variety of prints that are all coordinated.


This unique looking quilt is called the “Step Ladder” quilt and it’s super easy to make, as you will see in her tutorial. My kind of quilt, for sure!

She lays out her 24″ pieces ahead of time, in the order she wants them to go. She uses 25 of these strips and she cut 50 pieces at 2-1/2″ for her accent pieces, for her “lights” or light colored pieces she cut 8″, 6-1/2″ and 5″ strips. She clamps all of her pieces together so they don’t get out of order.

She starts by sewing one of the light accent pieces (alternating the sizes) and dark accent pieces (2-1/2″) onto the long strip at the end of the 24″ strip.  She does this with all of her 24″ pieces. After she does one side, she does the same thing to the other side. Then she sews each strip together.

I’m gonna let you watch what she does…it’s much easier to understand when you can see Jordan Fabric’s excellent step by step tutorial. I hope you enjoy making one of these as much as I did!

How to Make A Stepladder Quilt



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