Under $2 Solar-Powered Light Hacks

Under $2 Solar-Powered Light Hacks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I am in awe over all the fun things you can do with these solar lights from the dollar tree. This video by ChicOnTheCheap shows the various ways you can use solar lights and dollar store vases, containers, and scandal holders of all different materials to create solar lighting solutions. There are so many trendy options for containers at the dollar store, you are sure to find one that suits your home decoration style. The actual solar light will only cost you $1 and the container you put it in will also cost you $1. The $2 lights are completely customizable, perfect for any outdoor space that’s needing some extra light without an outlet.


Materials Needed For This Hack:

  • Solar Yard Lights
  • Container Of Your Choosing
  • E6000 Glue

ChicOnTheCheap recommended adding the E6000 glue between the light and container to make it waterproof. Check out ChicOnTheCheap’s video down below for ideas of what containers to use.


Step One

Remove the garden stake from the light. This is so you can fit the light into the container you choose.

Outdoor Solar Lights - DIY Lanterns

Image by. ChicOnTheCheap via YouTube video.

Step Two

Place the solar light into whatever container you want to display your light in. This is when you will use the E6000 glue to waterproof as well. If you want to waterproof, simply put a layer of glue around the rim of your container before putting the light on. You can also fill the inside of your container with colored stones, or other objects.

Use E6000 Glue to Waterproof Solar Lights - Gardening Hack

Image by. ChicOnTheCheap via YouTube video.


Some of the containers used in the video down below include; vases, tea light holders, mason jars and candle holders. You can also use the lights with a stake and add length to the stakes with a broom handle for extra tall solar light torches.

Step Three

Allow your lights to sit in some sunshine to absorb light for power, and place them in your desired outdoor locations.

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