She Makes A Clever Multi-Functional Chaise Lounge, Bed, Or A Coffee Table. Watch!

She Makes A Clever Multi-Functional Chaise Lounge, Bed, Or A Coffee Table. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I must say that I was really impressed with what this woman makes and apparently almost 3M other people were too!

There usually comes a time when company comes to visit and we need an extra bed. Ideally, we need one that won’t take up extra space in our home but something nicer than an inflatable mattress.  When I came across this idea, I knew it was the perfect project for me, as I can use it as a coffee table until I need a bed for company, and it hides away when I don’t need it.


The chaise lounge will give you additional seating when your extra company comes as well. And, we can’t forget about the storage drawer that’s a part of this brilliant contraption!

After watching this tutorial this doesn’t look too difficult to make. This is a great project for the men in our life. They love to build projects like this!

I’m sure they sell something like this in the stores, but this was the first time I’d seen anything like this and all of it’s multiple functions. I must say that I was pretty blown away by this DIY project!

In this tutorial, she even sews the covers for the cushions that go on the sofa bed/chaise lounge part of this amazing piece of furniture. She’s also multi-talented!

Watch how this gal with Get Hands Dirty makes this multi-functional and brilliant piece of furniture that serves many purposes. She shows us step by step how she puts this together!

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