Simple & Inexpensive Kitchen Organization Hacks

Simple & Inexpensive Kitchen Organization Hacks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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One way to ensure a clutter-free kitchen is by organizing your stuff effectively and maximizing the spaces around your storage areas. These easy and very effective hacks by But First, Coffee on YouTube will help you keep your kitchen clean and organized on a budget!



  • Mini wire basket from the Dollar Tree
  • Command hooks
  • Container
  • Large box
  • Wrapping or craft paper


Organize under the sink

Attach 3 command hooks on the back of the door of the cabinet, then hang the mini wire basket, and organize your most used cleaning products and tools on the basket. You can add a lot of wire baskets depending on your preference and how much would fit in each door.

Kitchen Decluttering Tips And Hacks
Image credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


Maximize the extra space on your cupboard

Same as the method used above, you’re going to need some command hooks and wire baskets, just make sure to position them right where the extra headspace on the cupboard is so that it would fit right in whenever you close the door.

Organize small bottles

Place small bottles or containers in a large plastic container, then place them in your cupboard or shelf, and simply pull them out when you need to use them. This way they are more organized and easier to get.

Store your tea boxes in a clutter-free way

Close the tea box and tape it to secure, then cut a slit at the top or the bottom side of the box, and store it vertically. This way when you pull out a sachet or pack of tea from the bottom slit, it will automatically refill.

Plastic bag organizer/ dispenser

Same as the method used in the tea box, but only this time you’ll need a larger box, a shoe box will do. Close and tape them around securely, then cover with wrapping or craft paper if you like, or leave it as is, and then cut a hole at the center. Feed the plastic bags into the hold making sure to link each bag through the handles so that each time you pull one, another is already out.

Easy And Affordable Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
Image credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


*All these images are credited to But First, Coffee via YouTube. Give her channel a visit and subscribe for more!

Simple & Inexpensive Kitchen Organization Hacks

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