The Brilliant Thing She Does To An Old Shoe Box Will Definitely Surprise You (Watch!)

The Brilliant Thing She Does To An Old Shoe Box Will Definitely Surprise You (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Crafting may be a satisfying hobby, but it is certainly not a tidy one! Many crafting areas are overflowing with excess materials, bits of string and fabric, and half-finished projects. Luckily, if you are a crafter you are already accustomed to thinking creatively. Try applying those smarts and some of these fun ideas to keep your crafting space and home organized.


What she does with this old shoe box is genius! By the time she’s half way through with it, it’s unrecognizable! This is such a clever way to make a sewing box. They are pretty pricey if you buy one and if you do buy one, it may not have as many convenient compartments like this one does.

I love how she made all of the individual holders for her notions! This was a very well thought out DIY project and I’m gonna make one very soon!

Sewing boxes are great to own because if you don’t have one, you’re looking all over for a needle, thread, pins, scissors, etc. I know because I really need one and it would solve all these problems for me.

Knowing how to hand sew is one of the basic skills that every person should achieve. It helps for making simple repairs to clothing and other fabric items as well as allows for small or basic alterations. This is one big reason to have a sewing box, so you have a place to keep your sewing notions in. It will be very convenient when you need to make a repair to something. We all need to sew buttons on at some time…it’s just a given.

Watch how Aniko Dobiasz puts together this great sewing box so you can make one too!

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