How to Make A Retro Apron

How to Make A Retro Apron | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Sewing Tutorial: Retro Apron


The retro look is the “in” thing these days and better to have a fun apron than an old stained out dated one!  This little apron will only take minutes to make and will make you feel lovely while cooking in the kitchen.  When I made mine I found some really crazy fabric that is so retro and funky.  It has eggs, bacon and toast on it with a turquoise background and I made the ruffle in bright red!  Making your own ruffle the way Lex from What The Craft does it is so easy but it looks very intricate. I just love it and will probably make a couple more! I think the next one I’m gonna make will be leopard print (my favorite)!


These make great gifts for the gals in your life and there’s so many fabulous fabrics out there to make these with. I saw some fabric with cupcake on it and may just have to go back and snag some of it!   It doesn’t take a lot of fabric so these are very inexpensive to make.

Watch this great step by step tutorial and you can’t go wrong!

Sewing Tutorial: Retro Apron With Vintage Style



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