Watch The 14 Insanely Cool Things She Does With Old Toys!

Watch The 14 Insanely Cool Things She Does With Old Toys! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Hopefully you haven’t thrown out your kids old toys because this gal does some brilliant things with them! I got really excited about these DIY projects and have already made a couple of them.


I love colorful and artsy looking things so I especially loved the lamp she spray paints pink, along with the barbie doll and other little dolls gathered around the base of it. I think it’s such a unique and fun look, so I had to make one of those for my granddaughter and she went bonkers over it!

She also glues toys around a mirror and spray paints the frame and toys turquoise. It’s so unique and whimsical looking…just love it!

Of course, in the beginning of this tutorial the legos made their debut and she made some pretty cute, cool and actually useful things that most of us wouldn’t have thought to do with legos.

My daughter was throwing out a bunch of toys and I was so glad I saw this tutorial right around that time or I would have missed out on some fun DIY projects!

This is such a wonderful way to repurpose children’s toys and keep those memories alive. When your kids have outgrown their toys already, what’s left to do is either give it to others or throw them away.

When you just can’t let go of these toys, you might as well upcycle them to something more useful, giving your home a nice pop of color.

Watch how this gal with 5-minute Crafts does these cool projects in the attached step by step tutorial.



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