Watch How She Cleverly Repurposes Two T-Shirts Into One!

Watch How She Cleverly Repurposes Two T-Shirts Into One! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

What she does to her old t-shirts is nothing short of brilliant! It’s such a clever way to take something you’re tired of wearing and turning it into something really cute and more exciting to wear! She really uses her noggin on this DIY project…I’m impressed!


I’ve seen this look at J. Crew, but it came with a big price tag. A while back I did something similar to this, after seeing a t-shirt that I loved at J. Crew. I had a long sleeved grey t-shirt and I wanted ruffles on it.

I tore narrow muslin strips and gathered them up, making ruffles. Then I stitched the ruffles in three rows down the center of the shirt and one row around the neck. I get so many compliments on that simple shirt I added muslin ruffles to! It cost me nothing because I already had the t-shirt and the muslin!

The colors she used together may not be your favorite, but there’s so many great colors that do go together and I’ll bet they’re in your drawer right now! Even a plain white ruffle on a white t-shirt would look awesome!

Watch how Ehow Beauty makes this cute shirt in her step by step tutorial and grab those old t-shirts you’re tired of!





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