Recycled Denim Purse With a Louis Vuitton Twist

Recycled Denim Purse With a Louis Vuitton Twist | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This a wonderful upcycled, repurposed Denim Purse With A Louis Vuitton Twist and it is also so dang cute! It’s practically a no-sew project with just a little bit of sewing that could be done by hand if you don’t have a machine. You start with an old pair of jeans, remember there are only a few basic parts of this purse, so think of it in sections. First you put together your sides.


LV Purse 2

Then you have your main body with an attaching zipper.

LV Denim Purse 3

Then you have what I count as section 3, the lining and piping/ bias tape.

LV Bag 5

You just follow the easy instructions and this project will be a breeze, I made one for my Niece last week and when she brought it to class everyone went wild! I had the phone ringing off the hook with people who all wanted me to make them one. Finally, I said to everyone, just get your jeans ready and I sent a mass email out telling them what materials to get and the date and time of my new workshop. That worked out wonderful for everyone because it really stirred their creativity and imagination. A couple of the girls wanted to theirs out of new material they had gotten on sale at JoAnn Fabrics, and I have to say those two were really gorgeous. One was in a Duck Canvas and the other was a great pre-quilted fabric they carry. The quilted one especially looked amazing. That fabric lent itself to this project very well. All and all, we had a really fun day. I highly reccomend this project, it does not disappoint.



Materials you need to make this DIY purse bag:

  • old jeans
  • fabric
  • interfacing wall fiber tape

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