How to Make a Recycled Bird Water Feeder

How to Make a Recycled Bird Water Feeder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Birdy Official


Do you have a lot of birds at home? Do you enjoy feeding and watering them? If yes, there is a cost-effective way to make a water dispenser that is 100% recycled! With just a plastic bottle, you can create one for wild or pet birds. Most of these are scrap materials that are available in your house. And yes, this can be made easily with just 4 steps. This tutorial on how to make a recycled bird water feeder is by Birdy Official on Youtube. If you are looking for new DIY projects this summer, you should give this a try! You can help the birds, especially during this hot season. Watch the video below for the full instructions.




  • plastic bottle
  • bolt and nut
  • piece of wood
  • 2 metal wire
  • small round plastic container
  • super glue
  • small screwdriver
  • glue gun
  • pliers


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Step 1:

Get the cap of the plastic bottle, and place it in the middle of the round container using super glue. Then heat the tip of a small screwdriver, and create a hole the same size as the bolt in the middle of the bottle cap and container.

Step 2:

Once done with the hole, insert the bolt and fasten the nut. Using a glue gun, seal the bolt and attach the wood to the bottom.

Step 3:

Get the bottle and heat again the small screwdriver. Then create 2 holes on the neck of the bottle and 1 in the middle just below the first two.  Put the bottle on the cap.

How to Make a Recycled Bird Water Feeder DIY
Image by: Birdy Official


Step 4:

Tie the first wire around the water bottle. Then using the second wire, create the hanger by attaching it to opposite sides. Cut the excess wires using the pliers. Finally, add water to the bottle and place the cap while the bottle is in an upright position.

There you have it, a 100% recycled bird water feeder.

How to Make a Recycled Bird Water Feeder Tutorial
Image by: Birdy Official



How to Make a Recycled Bird Water Feeder

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