Two Quilting Shortcuts

Two Quilting Shortcuts

Two Quilting Shortcuts | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These quilting short cuts by the great Youtuber Teresa DownUnder are so easy to follow and very beautiful. Teresa is one of my favorite Youtube quilters because her presentation is the best out there, she has an overhead camera which clearly and plainly shows everything she is doing in full detail, then as she finishes she shows every configuration imaginable for the block she just taught you. These 2 quilting shortcuts are truly amazing as always Teresa shows you how to begin with four little rectangles and then sewn together, cut then reconfigured they take shape into something amazing within a few minutes. Teresa does so many videos on blocks, so if you are searching for an interesting block idea the best thing to do is to go to Teresa’s Youtube Channel 0r her Website @TeresaDownUnder and search her thumbnails quickly and you will find the exact tutorial you want very quickly and I guarantee they are all super easy to make yet look as if they are extremely difficult.



  • 4 different kinds of fabric (how much depends on how large you want your project to be)
  • A rotary cutter
  • A ruler
  • A sewing Machine
  • Thread


In the video, you will learn how to start with a few simple pieces of fabric and first sew simple joining seams.

Learn a new quilting block technique

Then with a few more seams and some clever cutting using your rotary cutter and ruler and some turning around and rearranging of your fabric pieces, your project will quickly grow into this gorgeous quilting block. But the fun doesn’t stop there because this can also make many other designs and you will be shown every possible outcome. 

Colorful quilting blocks from Teresa Downunder

These ideas are amazing, so glad I found this video.

Two Quilting Shortcuts

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