Quick Jelly Roll Quilt

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Image by The Quilting Compound


Have plenty of jelly rolls at home and don’t know what to do with them? Don’t worry, The Quilting Compound has an easy and simple pattern that you will surely like. This is called a quick jelly roll quilt that’s perfect for beginners. Be sure to use contrasting colors when making this piece to elevate the look of the final product. Read on or watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • jelly roll strips with contrasting colors
  • 2-inch white strips (2 and 1/2 yards of white fabric)


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Step 1:

Arrange 4 jelly roll strips to make a unit.  Place the 2 strips with constrasting colors right side together, then sew on one side. Do the same for the other two. Once done, press the fabric and sew them together. Make sure not to put the white part on the ends.

Step 2:

Get 2 pieces of 2-inch white strips and sew on each side. Press the unit to flatten.

Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial
Image by The Quilting Compound


Step 3:

Trim off the excess and cut them into 5-inch segments.

Step 4:

Sew 2 contrasting strips by placing their right sides together and cut into 8-inch segments.

Step 5:

Get the 2-inch white strips and sew on the sides of the 8-inch segments. Do the same with the 5-inch segments. The 5-inch segments will have white borders but the 8-inch segments will only have it on the sides.

Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Project
Image by The Quilting Compound


Step 6:

Get 1 piece each of 8-inch and 5-inch segments, and sew them together to make one block. Do the same for the remaining segments.

Step 7:

Take 2 blocks. Place the first one horizontally, then rotate the other one. Sew them together. This will be the layout throughout the quilt. You will need 42 blocks for this quilt with 6 across and 7 down.


If you like this quick and easy quilt tutorial, visit and subscribe to The Quilting Compound on Youtube. She has tons of quilting videos that you will surely love.

Quick Jelly Roll Quilt

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