DIY Sewing Projects To Make In 30 Minutes

DIY Sewing Projects To Make In 30 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If you’re not a fan of being among a crowd during the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping,  you can opt to make handsewn gifts for your loved ones. Rosery Apparel’s sewing project tutorial is a great help. She presents a variety of crafts that you can finish in under 30 minutes. And all of them can be made with scraps of cloth lying on a pile in your cabinet. Her list includes making a laptop case made out of fabric, a lined tote bag, a ruffled cushion cover, and a waist apron. All are lovely and will definitely make the perfect gifts.


Laptop Case


  • fabric for the main and lining
  • Contrasting fabric
  • Felt fabric to create some structure and padding.
  • Zipper measures 35 centimeters (14 inches)


Place your laptop on your felt fabric. Cut out two pieces that are an inch bigger than your laptop. Then, cut out two pieces each from your primary and lining fabric that are the same size. By the end of this step, you now have two rectangles of each material.

To make a pocket for the front of the laptop case, cut out a rectangle with the same width as the other rectangles. Base the height on how big you want your pocket to be.

Materials for DIY Laptop Case
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Take your pocket rectangle, fold, and press the top edge by about half an inch. Do this twice before stitching the folded edge in place. Then, place the main fabric on the felt with its right side facing up. With the right sides together, position the zipper along the top edge of the main fabric. Layer the lining fabric on top. Make sure that the right sides of your primary and lining material are the right way up.

Pin all the layers together. Then, stitch the zipper and the fabrics together. Take note that half of the zipper should be enclosed between the layers of material in this step.

Then, repeat for the other side of the zipper and for the remaining rectangles of fabric. Then, place the pocket rectangle on one of the main fabric rectangles. Slightly open the zipper and fold the other main fabric rectangle with the felt layer on top. Flip the linings together, as well. Stitch the layers together but leave an opening at the top of the lining. Then, trim away the excess fabric.

Steps For Making DIY Laptop Case
Image credit: Rosery Apparel on Youtube

Using the opening in the lining, turn the laptop case right side out. Put out the corners, give the case a good press, and stitch along the top edge of the lining. Tuck the lining back inside, and you’ve finished making your laptop case.

Watch the rest of Rosery Apparel on Youtube to learn more on how to make the other DIY projects she included in her list.

DIY Sewing Projects to Make in 30 Minutes

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