$1 Pool Noodle Christmas DIYs

$1 Pool Noodle Christmas DIYs | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Bargain Bethany via YouTube


Christmas is just a few weeks away and you might be one of those who are looking for last-minute DIY décor ideas, just like me. Sure you can buy Christmas décor from your nearest store but nothing beats something that you’ve made personally, it is also much better because it can save you a lot of money. That’s why I’m sharing this tutorial with you, it’s cheap, easy, and looks incredibly festive! Thanks to Bargain Bethany from YouTube for these amazing pool noodle crafts.



  • Pool noodles
  • Masking tape
  • Various sizes of Christmas balls
  • Clear plastic cellophane
  • Led tea light candle
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • Knife
  • Woods
  • Wire


Giant Christmas lollipop

Wrap a masking tape around a pool noodle to create stripes, attach one more pool noodle at the end then continue rolling. Take one end of it then slowly roll inwards while putting hot glue on it. Secure with a zip tie until the glue completely dries, stab a knife at the center to create an opening for the wooden stake. Paint the wood white, remove the zip tie and cover the candy with clear plastic cellophane, add a bow in between the candy and the wood.

Giant candies

Cut a pool noodle into four, cover each in striped gift wrap paper, then cover with plastic wrap and scrunch both ends. Tie with twine, ribbon, or whatever you prefer. Put command strips and stick to a wall (optional).

Image Credit: Bargain Bethany via YouTube

Christmas ladder

Join two pool noodles together then cover with masking tape for a striped pattern. Glue smaller pieces of pool noodles in between the large pieces. Insert a wire through each step to make the ladder more sturdy. Decorate the steps with elves or Santa ornaments.

Candy cane walkway

Cut a pool noodle in half, wrap duct tape around. Glue and attach a big round ornament at the top, then wrap another glittered ribbon around the tape. Insert on a wooden stick and stab the other end to the ground. Design with a large ribbon in between each piece.

Gigantic Wreath

Insert a wire through two pieces of pool noodles and tape the center where it meets. Shape it into a circle and close the ends with tape, add another smaller round pool noodle inside then tape the pieces together. Glue ornaments are all over the place of the wreath.


Cut a pool noodle into three pieces, cover each in mod podge, and layer with toilet paper, repeat the process as you see fit. Paint with a white base then glide brown paint using a sponge to accentuate the texture of the wood.

Pool noodle candles

Cut a total of six pieces of pool noodles, cut the inner top just enough to fit the led tea light candle, secure with hot glue. Cover the body with a glitter sheet, then drip the hot glue at the top to create a dripping was appearance.

How to make DIY decor using pool noodle
Image Credit: Bargain Bethany via YouTube

Pool noodle Christmas tree

Cut the pool noodle in half, then shape the top into a triangle, attach and assemble each piece in two pieces of foam board joined together with a masking tape. Layer the pool noodles for the 3D effect, glue ornaments on the body of the tree then cut the excess of the foam board. Decorate with a star on the top.


*All image credit belong to Bargain Bethany via YouTube. Visit her channel for more tutorials like this.

$1 Pool Noodle Christmas DIYs

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