She Puts A Photo In A Mason Jar And What She Pours On Top Will Surprise You!

She Puts A Photo In A Mason Jar And What She Pours On Top Will Surprise You! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Need some creative ideas for displaying photos? Show off those treasured memories with this awesome idea! This is such a unique idea for displaying your favorite photographs.

Although, I would have never dreamed that you could actually do this with a photograph! I was a bit surprised when I saw her pour in olive oil in the mason jar, after placing the picture in there! I would have thought that the photo would be ruined, but it has to be a picture on photo paper in order to work.


These make great gifts for family and friends. It’s a really clever “picture frame”, huh? I love anything that is different like this…such a conversation piece!

What a cool idea…suspending a photo in oil for a unique spin on picture display. Without a doubt, his is a one-of-a-kind picture frame.

The clear jars would be best for this, and by pouring olive oil in the jar with an upright picture, you can get a sepia effect and a new way to display your pictures!

Add a cute doily or trim, display the jar right side up or upside down…whatever strikes your fancy! I’ve seen them turned upside down with trim and a ribbon tied around the bottom and that’s a really cute option!

Watch how Rebecca Regnier makes this in her step by step tutorial to get exact info on how to do this great DIY project!



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