He Creates A Valuable And Useful Pallet Piece That Every Woman Will Love!

He Creates A Valuable And Useful Pallet Piece That Every Woman Will Love! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was so relieved when my husband made this. Things had definitely gotten out of hand!

Many of us women don’t know when to put the brakes on when it comes to buying shoes and I’m one of them! It seems like the more shoes you have the less you have to go with your outfits, doesn’t it?


The only problem with having a lot of shoes is that you need a place to put them. I have two over-the-door shoe organizers and still didn’t have enough places to put my shoes.

This great DIY tutorial sure did come in handy and now all of my shoes have a home and aren’t laying in the middle of my closet floor any more. Yay!

I just love pallet wood, don’t you? It’s free and you can make some of the greatest things with it. It’s what this guy uses to build this shoe rack and what my husband and I used after seeing this clever tutorial.

Pallet wood is the favorite most material for the DIY lovers and individuals who love to play with their creative instincts. You can create and innovate wonderful furniture and decorative items spending almost nothing at all. You just need a few basic craftsmanship skills and some basic tools and there you go.

Watch how this guy with Silverline Tools TV makes a woman’s favorite item (next to her shoes) in his step by step tutorial.

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