Painting Tips For Kids And Adults

Painting Tips For Kids And Adults | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: 5 Minute Crafts


With a lot of time being spent at home things can get a bit haywire at a moment’s notice, that is exactly why I was so thrilled when I found this excellent video tutorial by 5 Minute Crafts on Youtube. This video describes step by step many brilliant easy to use painting techniques for children and adults. You will learn to paint all kinds of beautiful things that in their finished state look extremely professional and really appear very difficult on the surface, but when you see how simply these gorgeous works of art are achieved you will be truly amazed. There are many different painting techniques used here, some that require a brush, but others use a knife and some even use a q-tip if you can believe it.



  • A canvas (art paper, poster board, or whatever you have)
  • Paint (craft paint, oil paint, or acrylics)
  • A paintbrush (q-tips, and a kife)


In this wonderful video tutorial by 5 Minute Crafts, you will learn to paint this wonderful butterfly in just a few easy steps, you literally just push the paint with your finger in three layers and then do the simple body detail with a fine point brush. If you don’t have a fine point brush, you can always use an eyeliner or lip brush.

Paint a butterfly with acrylics or oil paint

In the video, you will also learn how to paint a gorgeous palm tree that uses only a paring knife and a q-tip to make. 

Learn to paint palm trees with a knife

This video is packed full of fun things to make, I just love it!

Painting Tips For Kids And Adults

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