How to Paint Owl Rocks

How to Paint Owl Rocks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m a huge fan of owls! They are magical and majestic birds that have a mystery all of their own. One day I was noticing all of the great smooth and rounded rocks in my neighborhood and decided I needed to paint some owls on rocks, since I love the little critters so much! That’s when I found this easy tutorial.

I thought you might like to know some little known facts about owls, since you’ll definitely have to try painting them after seeing this great tutorial.


I was amazed at what I learned about owls. Many owl species have asymmetrical ears. When located at different heights on the owl’s head, their ears are able to pinpoint the location of sounds in multiple dimensions.

  • The eyes of an owl are not true “eyeballs.” Their tube-shaped eyes are completely immobile, providing binocular vision which fully focuses on their prey and boosts depth perception.
  • Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees. A blood-pooling system collects blood to power their brains and eyes when neck movement cuts off circulation.

Now that I’ve educated you a little bit, it’s time to go gather up some rocks from a creek bed, your neighborhood or wherever you can find them. They can be purchased at the craft store if you don’t have any laying around your premises or close by.

Meridian shows you in this step by step tutorial how to paint these wonderful species. You can paint them in fun colors or their realistic colors…I did both and they’re really easy to paint!

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