Next Level DIY Penny Table

Next Level DIY Penny Table | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY Creators via Youtube


I have collected tons of pennies throughout these years. I don’t usually spend them, so my collection is big. My sister approached me and asked, “What will you do with all of it?”. I said, “I have no idea”. So I looked for projects online and found this next-level DIY penny table. It sure is different from all the ones I saw before and more creative. DIY Creators really did a great job making this masterpiece. My table is almost done, and it’s looking amazing. Watch the video below for full instructions.



  • lots of pennies
  • epoxy resin kit
  • mixing bucket
  • silicone brush
  • battery-powered LED light strip kit
  • rechargeable battery pack
  • 3/4 in plywood sheet
  • sheathing tape
  • table
  • crazy glue
  • torch
  • tape or wood scraps


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Step 1:

Clean the pennies a little bit to remove some of the dust, then paint the table white.

Step 2:

Apply a little glue on the penny and stick it on the table. Keep doing it over and over again. Keep the pennies tight together first then as you move forward, make it look fragmented.

Step 3:

After that, spread the pennies out and arrange them however you want. Pick them one by one and glue them in place. Do the same on the two long sides. For the shorter one, fill it all with pennies.

Next Level DIY Penny Table Project
Image by DIY Creators via Youtube


Step 4:

Make a mold for one side using tape or scraps of wood. Pour epoxy and spread it around. Let it dry for about 4 hours. Once it’s set, repeat on the other sides.

Next Level DIY Penny Table Tutorial
Image by DIY Creators via Youtube


Step 5:

Sand it with 320 grit. Once done, take soapy water and wash it off. Let it dry. Spray alcohol, wipe it, then let it air dry.

Step 6:

Pour the last layer of resin and spread it around with a brush. Take a torch and go over the entire table to remove air bubbles.

Step 7:

Add an LED light strip around the bottom of the table.



Next Level DIY Penny Table

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