New Year Party Decoration Ideas

New Year Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Learn with Nikita on Youtube


New Year’s Eve parties are always memorable. This is the time when people dress up in their very best new attire, wearing festive faces, excited to welcome the coming year. Wine and food are usually abundant. Glitter will be everywhere. So if you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party for the coming 2022, you have to prepare some dazzling decorations, even if you’re just having a small get-together. Learn with Nikita on Youtube provides a simple tutorial about New Year’s decoration ideas. The example is quick and easy to make. And the result is not super flashy, but still tasteful.



  • 8 strips of A4 blue sheet
  • 2 strips of A4 green sheet
  • 2 strips of A4 yellow sheet
  • gift wrapping paper
  • Red glitter sheet
  • fevicol
  • tape
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • scale


Fold the blue sheets lengthwise like accordions. Once all of them are folded, they will look like fans. Using fevicol synthetic resin adhesive, seal the ends of each sheet together. Put fevicol on the lower edge of the sheets to gather together the folded parts. You will now have something that looks like a blue fan. Repeat the process with the other folded blue sheets. You will have 4 fans all in all.

materials for new year party decor
Image credit: Learn with Nikita on Youtube

Using a pencil, draw the design 2022 on the red glitter sheet.Cut the design with scissors. You will now have a glitter sign that says “2022” for your decor. Apply each number to one of the blue fans.

On each of the green sheets, draw bottles and then cut the design with scissors. Also draw a wine glass on the yellow sheets. Cut it with the scissors as well. You will now have 2 green wine bottles and 2 yellow wine glasses.

new year party decorations tutorial
Image credit: Learn with Nikita on Youtube

Using the gift wrap paper, make glitter fringes.

Now you have a simple New Year’s Eve party decoration. You don’t have to run to the store to buy ready-made ones anymore.

New Year Party Decoration Ideas

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