Modern Wall Art DIY Decor

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Image by DIYA - Do It Yourself Always via Youtube


This modern wall art DIY decor by DIYA – Do It Yourself Always is definitely a statement piece. I am sure everyone who visits your house will ask about these decor items! It’s cool to add this to your blank wall to make it more interesting. Watch the video below for full instructions.



  • long thin and thick wooden sticks
  • toothpicks
  • hot glue
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • printed paper (use to cover cardboard)
  • pipe cleaner
  • foil
  • red paper sheet
  • black yarn


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Step 1:

Get two long wooden sticks and some toothpicks. Place toothpicks in between the long wooden sticks to make a stair. Glue them using hot glue on both ends.

Step 2:

Cut three pieces of rectangles from the cardboard of the same size, then cut a long rectangle piece the same width as the 3 pieces. Glue the 3 pieces together on ends to form an open box. Fold the long one in half and glue it on the ends of the box to make a house. Set it aside.

Step 3:

Get 4 pieces of long wooden sticks and two pieces of toothpicks. Glue one toothpick in between the ends of the two sticks. After that, glue the wooden sticks together on the other end to form a triangle. Repeat on the remaining sticks. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard. Make sure that it fits in between the bottom of the rectangle. Glue it between the bottom of two rectangles.

Modern Wall Art DIY Decor Tutorial
Image by DIYA – Do It Yourself Always via Youtube

Step 4:

Get a small piece of a thick wooden stick and glue it on the tip of the triangles to connect the two.

Step 5:

Cut a very long rectangle from the cardboard and fold it into 6 equal parts.

Step 6:

Get 4 pieces of pipe cleaner. Bend one in half. Get one in a different color, cut it in half, and set one aside. Bend it in half and insert it into the bent one. Twist it several times. Just before you reach the end insert another half piece from the first one that you cut.  Repeat with the remaining pieces. Now you have two bodies. Repeat the process again to make another two.

Step 7:

Take four pieces of foil and crumple them into balls. Glue them to the neck of the bodies.

Step 8:

Cut four pieces of small rectangles from the red sheets. Trim two corners and curve one side to make it look like a cape. Glue it on the bodies in a cone shape. Repeat with the other 3.

Step 9:

Cover the head and neck parts with black yarn.

Modern Wall Art DIY Decor Project
Image by DIYA – Do It Yourself Always via Youtube

Step 10:

Get one of the sculptures and sit it on the swing with the hands holding the long sticks. Make the others sit inside the house, climb and sit on the stairs.

Step 11:

Glue them on your wall.




Modern Wall Art DIY Decor

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