Medical Face Mask Hack

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This past year of wearing masks has caused many to start thinking out of the box for face coverings. I’ve tried lots of mask DIY’s and mask accessories out, but sometimes, you don’t have a cloth mask lying around and you are left with a baggy medial mask as your only option. The medical masks are made to fit all adults but really don’t. This medical mask hack is a game-changer. This video by A collection of needlework will remove all your mask problems with a genius solution to baggy medial masks. It will also keep from fogging glasses, and letting air in from the outside without filtering through the mask.


All you will need for this hack is a medical face mask.


For a visual of this hack, check out A collection of needlework’s YouTube video down below.

Step One

Fold the mask in half. Be sure to line up the top metal piece and bottom seam evenly and make sure the metal at the top is not bent. You want your mask as flat a possible for this hack to ensure the knots are even later.

Fold Mask in Half - Mask Hack

Image by, A collection of needlework via YouTube video.

Step Two

Take hold of the elastic on one side and tie a knot in it as close to the fabric part of the mask as you can get. Repeat this step on the other side of the mask. Make sure the fabric is still lined up as you repeat this step.

Step Three

Flip the inside of the mask under itself so no air can escape or enter the mask from the outside. Make sure to so this step so that your mask is completely covering your face.

Flip Mask To Block Air - Mask Hack

Image by, A collection of needlework via YouTube video.


Step Four

Put the mask on your face, and go out without stressing about your mask being too baggy.

Medical Face Mask Trick

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