He Drills Holes In A Wood Shelf But What He Puts In The Holes Will Surprise You (Brilliant!)

He Drills Holes In A Wood Shelf But What He Puts In The Holes Will Surprise You (Brilliant!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is a really unique shelf idea that I hadn’t seen before, so I wanted to share it with you today.

Despite the little bits of sawing and drilling, this DIY is actually really easy! But if power tools aren’t really your thing, this is an excellent boyfriend (or husband) project. You both get to spend quality time with each other, he gets to teach you about woodworking and things, and you end up with a beautiful creation—everyone wins!


This is such a clever idea and it adds a lot of natural color to your decor….it’s such a clean and nice look. It can certainly replace lack of art on your walls!

Terrarium plants are exceptionally easy to grow, and care for. You may not have to water them for several months, and it would be pretty difficult to kill them. They have plenty of color, as well as shades of green that will make your terrarium really pop and stand out.

Color and grown patterns are what really will separate you from the next guy. With dozens of possibilities, let the creativity begin.

Using plants that have a variety of leaf shapes and color will be the best way process. Cacti, aloe, and succulents are excellent choices. You can also use small ferns, ivy, moss, mini African violets, echeveria, and herbs.

Watch how the King of DIY does this in his step by step tutorial so you can create your aquarium-terrarium!

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