You Can Plant Fresh Herbs In Minutes With This Mason Jar Herb Garden!

You Can Plant Fresh Herbs In Minutes With This Mason Jar Herb Garden! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Ok…pots and pans, check. A bazillion cookbooks, check. …I think I smell a chef in the making! But hold your horses.. there’s one thing you forgot and that’s your own herb garden. This Mason jar tutorial will get you headed in the right direction and you’ll have your own fresh herb garden in no time flat!


Is there anything we can’t use Mason jars for? I can think of a million and one uses for them! We’re gonna focus in on this particular use right now though. Now you can have your very own herb garden! Super easy to do and you’ll always have fresh herbs whenever you need them!

When the weather gets cold, you can just bring these in and sit them in your window seal or in a bright place in your home. Just make sure your garden gets a solid five to eight hours of sunlight per day. Cilantro, parsley and basil are all sun-lovers, so choose a south facing window if possible.

My flowers may not thrive all that much but one thing I can grow are herbs. I love having fresh herbs all summer and I love that I can walk right out my back door and pick them. I like to plant my herbs  in containers so if they aren’t doing well, I can move them around to different areas of the yard where the sun/shade ratio during the day is different.  That’s why I adore this Mason jar herb garden. Not only is it easy to put together, but it’s portable and it is perfect for renters who may only have a balcony as outdoor space.

Watch how HGTV Handmade puts this together in their step by step tutorial and you’ll have fresh herbs growing in no time! Enjoy!

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