Fabulous Glitter Mason Jar…Sheer Elegance!

Fabulous Glitter Mason Jar…Sheer Elegance! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you want some really special containers to put flowers in for a special friend?  These glittered metallic jars look exquisite with flowers in them. Simply stunning!


You can use these beautiful embellished mason jars for many things….makeup brushes, pencils, put gifts in, and more!  I’ve already made a few of them and they look awesome in my bathroom.  I even took a friend flowers in one and she was super ecstatic over the presentation of the flowers!  I was so excited to give her this!  Now she can use this fancy mason jar for her makeup brushes!

I love the black embellished jar too.  So striking if you are going with the black accents in your home.  There’s just so much you can do with this technique, now that you know how to make these!

She uses a mason jar, Modge Podge, glitter (she uses Martha Stewart Glitter), metallic or black paint, a sponge brush and some newspaper for the mess.  You might consider doing this outside or in the garage.

First, she spray paints the jars and lets them dry, then she applies the Modge Podge in a line all the way around the bottom of each jar, with the sponge brush.  If you can’t get a pretty straight line, you can use some painters tape, but it might remove some of the paint.  She just eyeballs the line.  You can do any design you want….a chevron, etc.

Watch this step by step video and you’ll have your glittery mason jar in no time at all!

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