Brighten Up Any Room With DIY Mason Jar Lights

Brighten Up Any Room With DIY Mason Jar Lights | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These DIY mason jar lights are the perfect easy project to brighten up your room decor. My daughter and I had a blast making these mason jar lights for her bedroom and we added a couple of touches of our own to tailor this lighting project to her taste. You can use tinted mason jars, different colors of lights, or add ribbon or jewels to your project if you want to make it a little more girly. Keep it fun and crafty and don’t be afraid to add your own creative touches to make this DIY room decor stand out. She has two on a table beside her bed and another two on a tiered shelf in the bathroom, and I just love the look of ambient lighting instead of a glaring overhead fixture.


This was the perfect easy do-it-yourself lighting project to start out with because it did not require a lot of tricky wiring and it took us less than an hour to make three of them. It helps too that this step by step tutorial is thorough and easy to follow! Place a couple of these on a nightstand, on a windowsill, or add it to a bookshelf to bring these DIY mason jar lights to life.

Pick up the supplies at your local dollar store for a few bucks and get busy making some of these impressive mason jar lights. I was able to make each of mine for only $3, since it was one dollar each for a short string of battery lights, a mason jar, and a candlestick. There are so many different cool uses for this DIY lighting idea, too. These crafty lights are perfect to keep on hand for last minute gifts and personally, I think these would make super centerpieces for an outdoor wedding, and certainly would be a budget-friendly idea for brides.

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