She Paints An Old Table And Tapes It Off. You’ll Love The Amazing Thing She Does Next!

She Paints An Old Table And Tapes It Off.  You’ll Love The Amazing Thing She Does Next! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Painted furniture have their own beauty and style, as it can do magic to any old furniture or add magic to the new dull ones. You needn’t be an expert to paint designs on furniture, all you need to do is just paint anything simple and it will look good once it is done.


There are numerous ways to make a furniture look attractive, and one simple method that you can do at home it to simply paint it.

One of my favorite past times is repurposing old furniture into some great looking art! I found this a table, like the one in this tutorial, on Craig’s List. It was being sold for $40. Upon arrival, I must have looked hesitant because the guy dropped the price to $20.

As I searched through Pinterest looking for inspiration, I ran across this Mackenzie Childs inspired table. I had planned on doing another project with the whimsical pattern and hadn’t yet. So, I decided to go with this design.

If you like the awesome designer, MacKenzie Childs, you’re gonna love the transformation she makes to this old table. This is a remarkable tutorial and when you are through watching it, you’re gonna want to do this to one of your tables or pick one up at a thrift store!

I followed this tutorial and my piece turned out fabulous! It’s so much fun and I’m so proud of it! I have always loved checker board designs mixed with home decor…it adds a lot of interest and pizzaz.

Watch how Angela East transforms this old table in her step by step tutorial and get started making one for your home!

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