Lotus Bag Sewing Project Tutorial

Lotus Bag Sewing Project Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas
Do you love to sew but find you have far too many projects you have not completed because they were just way too complicated or time-consuming? Lately, I’ve found so much joy in sewing projects that are quick and easy, even though I am capable of sewing much more complex ideas. Especially when it comes to gift giving time, I love having a short list of short 10-30 minute sewing ideas to have on hand, since people love getting something handmade more than just about anything.
Last year, I found this cool video tutorial for an easy to sew lotus bag that is super for storing away all sorts of things. My favorite use for them is travel – I’ve been wanting to make one of these for all my work travels for a long time and finally got to reward myself with not one, but three! Such a perfect little companion for a quick getaway. I store swimsuits, socks and hairbrushes in mine, but you can put whatever you like in these super practical bags. This holds your jewelry, too or whatever is important to you safe and tight keeping everything secure, neat and tidy.
This easy project makes a great bag for jewelry and other small items. This is a quick, easy project that you can sew in under an hour. Gift giving at the top of your mind? This lotus-shaped pouch makes a fabulous gift for friends..  Sew one for yourself and a few extras to give to those special people in your life. Make them from fat quarters or cute fabric remnants you have leftover. I enjoy mixing and matching colors and patterned prints for these and going bright with the lining fabric.

Your valuable items deserve to come along on vacation too. This lotus pouch is up to the task. The pouch gathers up with a drawstring, safely enclosing your valuables. Tie the bundle closed and toss it into your bag so you can sparkle upon arrival.


This is really adorable. Although I’ve always loved the plain rectangular bags, this has got to be the most interesting drawstring bag I’ve ever seen and happen to love the one I made for myself.

Watch how the Gourmet Quilter makes this lovely bag in her step by step tutorial.

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