Turn Lightbulbs Into Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Turn Lightbulbs Into Snowman Christmas Ornaments | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

One of my favorite things to do is to make holiday decor projects with household items that might end up in the trash.  Do you have a burned out light bulb?  Don’t toss it out!  Instead, turn it into a cute ornament for your Christmas tree.


This gal with AllFreeChristmasCrafts puts glue on the light bulbs and then douses the light bulbs with glitter. Then she used t-shirt paint to paint the face and buttons on her snowman. She glued a loop of twine on top of the light bulb for hanging the ornaments.

If you really want to deck out your snowmen you can add twigs for the arms and fabric for a hat and belt…however you want to dress up your snowman! Look at some of the light bulb snowmen on Pinterest for more ideas! Some people have painted fabulous designs on these too.

These are great to make up for ornament exchange parties…also, keep in mind that you can also recycle flood light bulbs and they look adorable!

Don’t let your passion for the holidays burn out! AllFreeChristmasCrafts shows how to make these lightbulb ornaments, which turn landfill-bound bulbs into cherished adornments for your tree.

Watch how she makes these precious light bulb ornaments in her step by step tutorial and go round up those burned out bulbs!

DIY Snowman Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments



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