Leathercraft: Drawstring Bucket Bag

Leathercraft: Drawstring Bucket Bag | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by HAHNS ATELIER via YouTube


This leather drawstring bucket bag looks amazing and professional. I love how chic and creative this bag is and it can be dressed up and dressed down for any occasion. HAHNS ATELIER tutorial on YouTube was satisfying to watch, but it’s not an easy tutorial. You do have to have leatherman skills and tools to make this bag. This would be a great bag to make because it looks like something you would buy at the mall. The PDF pattern that is provided to purchase does come in handy and I think it’s helpful for this DIY. I would consider this a high-end bag for a craftsman because of its incredible design, and detail. Although this might be hard to execute, this would be a nice leather craft for someone that might pick leatherman as a hobby.



  • ruler
  • scissors
  • WALPIER Art. Buttero Box 2.8mm(7oz)
  • drive punch tool
  • curved-blade knife
  • rubber mallet
  • awl
  • stone slab
  • rotary cutter
  • diamond hole chisel set
  • needle and thread


First, download the template and PDF pattern from Etsy to create and outline your leather to make this drawstring bucket bag.

Use The Pattern To Make Leather Bucket Bag - Simple and Easy Leather Bags
Image by HAHNS ATELIER via YouTube

Next, continue watching HAHNS ATELIER tutorial on YouTube to watch and follow along with the full instructions.

How To Make Drawstring Bucket Bag - Intermediate DIY Sewing
Image by HAHNS ATELIER via YouTube

In conclusion, this would be hard leathercraft to do, and I’m not familiar with leatherman work. There might be people out there who know how to make this and have those skills. Overall, it was a great video to watch and see how the final results turned out to be. This would not be impossible to make, but I would consider this a master class. The leather is high quality and I love how sleek the material looks. If I knew someone who knew how to make this bag for me, I would take this pattern to them.

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