Last-Minute DIY Santa Gift Using Treat Containers

Last-Minute DIY Santa Gift Using Treat Containers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube


This no-sew Santa tutorial is all you needed for your last-minute gift to your loved ones. Just a few days left and the Christmas holiday is almost upon us, some of us if not all have been busy with work or other stuff that kept us occupied for most of the day, so much that preparing gifts sometimes slips our mind. But now, we can spare ourselves the panic because of this easy and adorable darling Santa project, it is very easy and cheap too! Created by the expert in no-sew DIY gnomes Patti J. Good on YouTube, does her name sound familiar to you? Then, you better prepare to be amazed by today’s tutorial.



  • 4 oz. Tootsie Roll Bank
  • 1″ Pom Pom
  • Red Fleece
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue sticks
  • White Faux Fur
  • Fur Yarn
  • Beads for nose
  • Glitter foam (Silver and Black)


Step 1

Cut a beard in the faux fur with a 2½ x 1¾ size, make a u-shape around the fur, then comb any excess furs. Cut the fleece in a 9 x 3¾ size and wrap it around the treat container with its top plastic removed. Secure it with hot glue, then attach an 11-inch fur strip at the bottom of the container. Wrap a ½ x 8½ inches black glitter foam around the middle of the container, add a small 1×1 inch silver glitter foam in the middle for the belt’s buckle.

No-sew DIY Santa gift tutorial
Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube


Step 2

Fold an 11 x 1o inches fleece fabric in half lengthwise then cut triangularly starting from the corner without folding towards to opposite top side. Glue the sides together, then when the glue sets, flip it inside out.  Glue a fur strip around the bottom of the hat, then attach the beard on the front inside of the hat. Glue the 15mm half bead in between the fur and the hat, then attach it to the container. Adjust and pull it until it fits perfectly, then glue the pompom at the end of the hat.

Easy and cheap DIY gift tutorial
Image Credit: Patti J. Good via YouTube


*Thanks to Patti J. Good on YouTube for all these adorable DIY Santa images. Truly this talented woman deserves to be recognized, so do visit and follow her channel for more tutorials like this one.

Last-Minute DIY Santa Gift Using Treat Containers

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